Welcome to the All New HIT Blog

2015 Company Party – TBones Mascot Sizzle

Welcome to HIT’s first Blog Site, hittrucking.com, affectionately called, HIT THIS — The Truck Stop for Hit Drivers

HIT is 45-year-old trucking company in Kansas City, Ks., and is owned and operated by Mike Haskin.  Mike has been hiring drivers and hauling freight since 1971.  Throughout those years, many drivers have crossed his path and all have left lasting memories. 

HIT is family owned and has grown through the years into an extended family for the drivers and office staff.  Several people working for Mike have been part of the HIT family for more than 20 years. There are many reasons folks stay with HIT for the long haul but it’s safe to say that Mike and Ariann make the whole staff feel like valued members of this extended family.

Please check back often and get to know the drivers and office staff in a way never before possible.  We are all busy in our work day and busy in our off-time but taking a few minutes to stay in touch makes life a little sweeter.

If you have a great story to tell, let us hear from you and we’ll share your story with the HIT family.  We are interested in your new grandchildren, marriages, puppies and your award winning summer garden.  Got a new Harley?  Send photos! We’ll share the important things in your life with your family at HIT.

Be sure to check out the new HIT website, hit-trucking.com  (coming soon).  Also, to the right of this post, you will find important links to the Learning Management System, DOT information, fun trucking stories and lists of fuel, weigh stations and truck stops. Something else you’d like to see here?  Let us know and we’ll get it posted.

If you haven’t liked HIT on Facebook, you can either search for HIT Trucking or use this link:  HIT ON FACEBOOK.

The website and the blog are both optimized for phones and tablets so don’t forget to check in while you are waiting to be unloaded.



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