Scott Jackson

Scott Jackson grew up a country boy and as far as he’s concerned, he still is. He remains

Photo by Scott Jackson

connected to most of the 84 people he graduated high school with in a small community in the country. “We’ve all stuck together through the years,” he said.

Among his favorite childhood memories is the Ghost in the Graveyard game he and three of his best friends played after dark. He also enjoyed playing football in high school and did regular country-boy stuff when he wasn’t busy with school and farm work. He played the clarinet in high school band.

Scott was close to his mother growing up and into adulthood. She loved to roller skate and took Scott to a roller rink nearly every weekend. He can still hear her teasing him with, “If it was a snake it would have bit you!”

One thing he does not miss from his childhood is working on a dairy farm. “We milked a lot of cows,” he said. He split wood and did other farm chores for a close family friend and even as a lifelong country boy he has no interest in farming.

Photo by Scott Jackson

Scott grew up around big trucks and loved them. In high school he dreamed of graduating, getting out on his own and driving a big truck. He enjoys his work with HIT Trucking, Inc. and says he likes the new electronic logbook. “The only people who don’t like it are probably the ones cheating logbooks to begin with. The outlaw days are behind us.”



Jackson Trivia:

  • CB Handle:  Tumbleweed
  • Favorite things about driving:  “The prestige of it. I like driving, not being stuck in one place. I can’t stand to sit still. I’ve got rambling fever.”
  • Hobbies: Raising three kids.
  • Favorite Truck Stops:  Big M (not around anymore).
  • Favorite Thing AboutHIT, Inc.Family atmosphere.
  • Dream Job: Driving a big truck.
  • Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving.
  • Best Advice: “Take your time. Be patient. Don’t get in any hurry.”
  • Favorite Band(s): Abba to ZZ Top
  • Favorite Song: In the Ghetto