Leighton North Peigan ~Sees The Eagle~


Photo by Janice Blanton, Grand Lake State Park

kansas_city_chiefsThe Pattersons and the HIT family have Joe Montana and the Kansas City Chiefs to thank for bringing Leighton North Peigan to 29 Woodswether Rd.  A favorite cousin of Leighton’s was (and is) a big fan of the Chiefs, in particular, Joe Montana. It didn’t take long for Leighton to see his cousin’s wisdom and he soon became a loyal fan of our hometown team. When it came time to relocate, his love of the Kansas City Chiefs made the decision a no-brainer.  Lucky for HIT.

Photo by Leighton NorthPeigan

Leighton brings with him a unique American narrative, rich in the textures of native ancestry, and steeped in modern-day challenges and new beginnings.

Shortly before he started Kindergarten, Leighton moved from his home on an Indian reservation near Lodge Grass, to Billings, Montana.

His mother was adamant that he and his sister have a better understanding of the world around them.  She inspired Leighton to find a job that he loved, “Find something that you just gotta’ do,” she advised.

Following the same advice, his sister became a nurse. Leighton’s mother, fluent in the language of his Indian heritage, instilled a strong work ethic in her children. She continues her work on the reservation in medical records.




Although he was mostly raised in Billings, he spent much of his childhood in Canada.  Sometime around 2010, he noticed trucks hauling freight past a fence line where he worked construction. The trucks caught his attention. He researched how to get a CDL and enrolled in a program.

Leighton is a Crow Indian, descendant of Chief Medicine Crow. He has three children, Brocade, Alexia, and Leighton Jr. He is recently engaged to Krista Fuller.


His Native name, See’s the Eagle, means hope and strength and is a fitting tribute to Leighton. He has overcome more than a few complicated hurdles in his life and continues to maintain a positive and generous outlook.  Michelle and Rob agree,

“Leighton is a great guy, hard worker, fun, and we are thankful to have him as part of the team. He is super positive and has a great attitude.”

Sees the Eagle has similar affection for the Pattersons, “They’re pretty cool people, man.”


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Peigan Trivia

  • CB Handle:  Big Chief
  • Favorite things about driving: “Getting to see different places. Even being in trucking this long…still learning new things.”
  • Hobbies: Chiefs football
  • Favorite Truck Stops:  Loves
  • Favorite Thing About  HIT, Inc.: “They are good people. I couldn’t ask for better bosses.”
  • Dream Job: Driving trucks
  • Favorite Radio Station:  Country environment
  • Favorite Holiday: Birthday
  • Best Advice: “Keep learning or be left behind.”
  • Favorite Band(s): Kingdom Music
  • Favorite Song: 5ive – For The KING (Feat. Bryann T. & Triple Thr33)

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