Kansas Ranks High in Quality Roads

roadWIBW NEWS – Kansas roads are good, compared to other states. The Reason Foundation report released Thursday has Kansas ranked third overall, behind only South Carolina and South Dakota. Kansas is tied for first place in both rural interstate pavement condition and rural arterial pavement condition, and third place for urban Interstate pavement condition.   read more

Truck Driver to the Rescue

Published on Oct 12, 2016

This morning on Wood Green Road, #Wednesbury. Attempted theft and assault caught on dash cam.

“I’m in slow moving traffic and I notice a young boy being held from behind in a choke hold… I first wonder if they are just messing around. However, the 3 lads looked older and then the tall one sucker punches the young lad. I decide to get out. The 3rd lad is trying to steal the young lads bike… by the time I approach I can see the lads are much larger than the young lad… infact 2 were bigger than me… they are easily 18/19 years old. The chokeholder violently yanks the young lad away from his bike by the neck meanwhile the tall one mounts the bike so I sprint over and hit him… I then shove the 3rd guy then turn and take on the chokeholder.
The young lad is turning white and is unsteady on his feet… I manage to get him behind myself and I use my best Glaswegian barks for them to fuck off but tall one goes behind us to get the bike again I presume. So I get the young lad (and his bike) over to my lorry and step in to put the nut on the tall one who continues to be a threat.
Once out of shot (at passenger door) I offer to take him as passenger to nearest police station but as it turns out one of his mates had ran off to get help and so a female family friend arrived soon after and took him to safety… it turns out he was only 15”.

Log Books Will Change for Drivers

eobr-12WASHINGTON (AP)- An estimated three million commercial trucks and bus drivers must electronically record their hours behind the wheel under a new government rule aimed at enforcing regulations designed to prevent fatigue.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration released the long-awaited rule on Thursday.

Drivers have been required to keep paper logs of their hours dating back to 1938, but accident investigators and safety advocates have long complained it’s easy to change the logs or keep two different sets of records to evade restrictions on hours. Electronic logging devices automatically record driving time by monitoring engine hours, vehicle movement, miles driven and location information.  Read more

Local Road Delays (The Usual)

WEEKDAY& WEEKEND OVERNIGHT LANE CLOSURES: Northbound and southbound I-35201509_1840_aiidh_sm
from 95th Street to Southwest Boulevard will have varying lane and ramp closures for
pavement resurfacing work beginning on Wednesday, March 23, weather permitting). Crews will complete partial and full depth patching to the existing concrete pavement, followed by a 4-inch asphalt overlay on various sections, and all new permanent pavement markings.
Work will take place overnight beginning at 8 p.m. and reopening to all traffic at 5 a.m. the
following morning, daily, Wednesday and Thursday; and on weekends from 8 p.m.
Friday through 8 a.m. Saturday; and from 8 p.m. Saturday through late Sunday
Project work is scheduled to be completed in late October 2016
Check here for a list of all road work and delays in Kansas City.