Mark Hershley

markdogtruckMark Hershley grew up in Camden Point Missouri and spent much of his childhood on tractors and fire trucks, or pumping gas at his grandparent’s gas station. Not much has changed in that small town since Mark’s departure 25-or so years ago.

The gas pumps are gone but the old station remains, filled with sentimental remnants of years gone by.  He spends occasional weekends patching its roof or nailing up loose gutters and his mom uses the station during winter storms, parking her car where Mark spent his teenage years changing flat tires and checking oil for customers.

Camden Point hasn’t gotten much bigger since Mark left and most folks there recognize him when he rolls into town to fix the gutters or tend to various chores at his mom’s home – just down the hill from the old station.  Mark grew up on what used to be called Baber Hill, his grandparent’s house and station at the top, his family home at the crest, fewer than 50 yards away.

Mark considers his childhood idyllic and he looks back fondly on memories of sitting with his grandfather and neighbors as they told stories and laughed, played cards, hauled hay, slaughtered hogs, and his all-time favorite way to spend any day, then and now, driving a tractor across many acres of crops.  His wife often teases him about growing up in Mayberry and it would come as no surprise to find at least one woman in Camden Point named Aunt Bee.  There was also a police officer at one time that might well have been named Barney, and who may or may not have given his wife at least one questionable speeding ticket in 1992, an event that still elicits some hostility in the Hershley home. From the wife, that is.  Mark remains mute on the subject.

Among his fondest memories are the twelve years he worked as a volunteer firefighter.

2016-10-28 07.25.06
Recent sunrise from Mark’s truck

He was promoted to captain shortly before his marriage and was pegged to be the next Chief of the Camden Point Fire Department until his personal version of Yoko Ono crushed that dream and lured him across the state line.

Mark’s childhood dreams included driving big trucks and tractors.  He has done just that for nearly 24 years at HIT Inc. During that time, he’s raised four children and is blessed with eleven grandchildren.

Hershley Trivia

  • CB Handle: Fireman
  • Hobbies: Fishing, camping, golf
  • Favorite things about driving: Looking at the countryside and farmland 
  • Favorite Truck Stop: “I don’t like stopping. Too crowded. Too many people. I avoid them at all cost. I sometimes stop on exit ramps in places where there’s no houses or traffic. I eat my lunch and check my tires. Lay my head down for a minute.”
  • Favorite thing about HIT Inc. : “Small company. Friendly environment. They care about the drivers.”
  • Dream Job: Farming
  • Favorite Radio Station: Ky102 
  • Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Best Advice: “Go with your dream. Do what makes you happy.”
  • Favorite Band: Boston
  • Favorite Song(s): Foreplay Long Time, Peace of Mind


2015 Company Party (The Cleaned up Version)

20150829_202305.jpgThe 2015 annual HIT party was at the Community America Ballpark where we watched a T-Bones game and enjoyed dinner and cool drinks in an air-conditioned suite.  Most drivers and staff attended the party and by all accounts it was a great evening.  The T-Bones lost the game but the fireworks were spectacular and the beverages were cold.


The Funnier Version:

This was the party we had at the T-Bones game last year.  Most of the employees attended the party because, let’s be honest, there was free beer. Everybody behaved themselves in spite of the plenitude of cold brew, even Mark Hershley, who is known, on a rare evening, to throw one too 1577e162a5bd4bf1779e865d99ac926cmany back and get sort of goofy about life. Had there been music playing, Hershley would, for sure, have been quite the party animal.  He loves his Boston,  and boy they sure love him.  Until the next morning.  Then he’s finished with music and beer and everything else for awhile. He’s especially nice to his wife after a night of drinking and singing to Boston. She’s not that crazy about him on those mornings. Either way, it was a damn fun party and we all enjoyed the hell out of it.  There was also food, which may be why Boston Boy didn’t get all goofy with the free beer.