Leighton North Peigan ~Sees The Eagle~


Photo by Janice Blanton, Grand Lake State Park

kansas_city_chiefsThe Pattersons and the HIT family have Joe Montana and the Kansas City Chiefs to thank for bringing Leighton North Peigan to 29 Woodswether Rd.  A favorite cousin of Leighton’s was (and is) a big fan of the Chiefs, in particular, Joe Montana. It didn’t take long for Leighton to see his cousin’s wisdom and he soon became a loyal fan of our hometown team. When it came time to relocate, his love of the Kansas City Chiefs made the decision a no-brainer.  Lucky for HIT. Continue reading “Leighton North Peigan ~Sees The Eagle~”

Mark Hershley

Sunrise from the truck- photo by Mark Hershley

Mark Hershley grew up in Camden Point Missouri and spent much of his childhood on tractors and fire trucks, or pumping gas at his grandparent’s gas station. Not much has changed in that small town since Mark’s departure 25-or so years ago. Continue reading “Mark Hershley”