Leighton North Peigan ~Sees The Eagle~


Photo by Janice Blanton, Grand Lake State Park

kansas_city_chiefsThe Pattersons and the HIT family have Joe Montana and the Kansas City Chiefs to thank for bringing Leighton North Peigan to 29 Woodswether Rd.  A favorite cousin of Leighton’s was (and is) a big fan of the Chiefs, in particular, Joe Montana. It didn’t take long for Leighton to see his cousin’s wisdom and he soon became a loyal fan of our hometown team. When it came time to relocate, his love of the Kansas City Chiefs made the decision a no-brainer.  Lucky for HIT. Continue reading “Leighton North Peigan ~Sees The Eagle~”

2015 Company Party (The Cleaned up Version)

20150829_202305.jpgThe 2015 annual HIT party was at the Community America Ballpark where we watched a T-Bones game and enjoyed dinner and cool drinks in an air-conditioned suite.  Most drivers and staff attended the party and by all accounts it was a great evening.  The T-Bones lost the game but the fireworks were spectacular and the beverages were cold.


The Funnier Version:

This was the party we had at the T-Bones game last year.  Most of the employees attended the party because, let’s be honest, there was free beer. Everybody behaved themselves in spite of the plenitude of cold brew, even Mark Hershley, who is known, on a rare evening, to throw one too 1577e162a5bd4bf1779e865d99ac926cmany back and get sort of goofy about life. Had there been music playing, Hershley would, for sure, have been quite the party animal.  He loves his Boston,  and boy they sure love him.  Until the next morning.  Then he’s finished with music and beer and everything else for awhile. He’s especially nice to his wife after a night of drinking and singing to Boston. She’s not that crazy about him on those mornings. Either way, it was a damn fun party and we all enjoyed the hell out of it.  There was also food, which may be why Boston Boy didn’t get all goofy with the free beer.